Australia is one of the few countries with negative tax (Negative Gearing Tax Return). As the name suggests, negative tax, if applied properly, not only results in a lower, and often negation of tax, but also means that you are eligible to pay for tax compensation. However, there is a premise that must be fulfilled – investment purposes.

Your first step is to find out how much you can borrow and apply for an approval in principal loan. You should do this before you start seriously looking for a property.

It's best to start your search with a fairly clear picture of what you want – a unit or house, 2 bedrooms or 4, near public transport or schools, a quiet or bustling neighbourhood.

In Australia, the government has always considered the real estate industry as a major pillar of support in the country, and have taken many great measures to ensure and support it’s development each year. The FIRB is one of the keys to this.

Why is Australia’s property more favourable by domestic investors? Why are Australian properties, despite fierce competition in the investment community, still on the list? GIT realty will summarise some of the reasons as to why.